DAHER , a wholly owned subsidiary which was humbly established a year ago on the hands of the late MR. Abdel Raouf Daher as single shop house, home furniture, which started in producing special bedrooms, dining rooms, sofa sets, coffee tables & wall units to all clients with “DAHER” brand.

Through the years, Daher has grown under the hand of MR.MOSTAFA DAHER. Today Daher has expanded from a home furniture retailer to a wholesaler, manufacturer, Importer & exporter for all kinds of furniture.

Since year 2008, Daher opened the first showroom at DAHER HOME CENTER.DAHER moved one step further in year 2012 at DAHER HOME CONCEPTWith more development, we are opening a new showroom at DAHER HOME BEIRUT.

The biggest event for 2013 is opening DAHER PAVILLION: huge warehouses, very organized where all the goods & the big factory in the future are found.

As “DAHER”, our aim has always been to manufacture practical quality products that are not only original & different but, ultimately the most durable. DAHER is designing, manufacturing & selling modern / classic furniture. Having realized the growth of a brand specialized in designing, developing & selling in terms of quality in furniture consolidated by good service provides us a great source of pride & achievement.

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