Jeita Grotto

Jeita Grotto's & Facilities

Upper Grotto

Where the visitor will have a walking tour and be staggered at the view of extraordinary stone forms of curtains, columns, draperies and mushrooms at a distance of some 750m explored for 2200m.

Lower Grotto

Where the visitor can take a short dreamy cruise in a rowboat at a distance of some 400m explored for almost 7800m and marvel at the majestic forms of otherworldly concretions.


Jeita grotto contains a lot of touristic attractions that fill the visitor’s time with enjoyment and happiness, The attractions include ropeways, train, miniature zoo, gardens and many sculptures.


Traditional Shops

Jeita Grotto contains four souvenir shops filled with traditional and oriental items and gifts.  These items are beautifully crafted, affordable, and high quality.

Restaurant & Snacks

To complete the touristic experience of Jeita Grotto, a restaurant and a snack are available to satisfy visitors’ appetite for delicious Lebanese traditional cuisine and beverages.

Latest Awards

7.5.2014 - “Pomme d’Or” prize by FIJET (World Federation of Travel Journalists and Writers.)
2014 Winner - Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor.